Rotary Pump

Issue 15 and Volume 61.

Rotary Pump A patent under the serial number 10246 has been filed at the Patent Office, Washington, D. C., for a rotary pump. According to the inventor’s specifications his invention is for the mounting of the rotary piston within the pump cylinder whereby the parts may be readily removed and a fluid tight connection effected between the ends of the piston and the cylinder heads. In addition the invention provides a series of radially movable blades in the rotary piston arranged on the inner faces of the cylinder heads that work with the rotor blades in such a way as to maintain the outer ends of the same in contact with the cylinder wall during the rotation of the piston. The inventor claims that the above simplifies the construction and increases the efficiency of the pump. The illustrations herewith show the construction of the pumps. Fig. 1 is a longitudinal…

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