Ohio Amalgamated Firemen

Issue 16 and Volume 61.

Ohio Amalgamated Firemen The Executive Committee of the Ohio Amalgamated Firemens’ Association, held a meeting tn the City of Springfield, O., on March 20, to arrange for the first annual convention of this association. At the last conventions of the Ohio Firemen’s Association and the Ohio Firemen’s Protective Association, the two associations were amalgamated into one. At Springfield the committee was met by Chief Hunter and shown about the city, and after lunch at the rooms of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, a meeting was held at fire headquarters and a program worked out. The city of Springfield is a city of 50,000 people and located on the main lines of several railways as well as on one of the best electric railway systems in the State, thus connecting the city with all other parts of the State. The hotel accommodations are ample. Springfield has and is now about to…

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