Combination Ladder Demonstration at Bridgeport

Issue 16 and Volume 61.

Combination Ladder Demonstration at Bridgeport The new $10,800 motor driven aerial ladder truck for the Bridgeport, Conn., fire department, made by the Combination Ladder Company of Providence, R. I., of which C. N. Richardson is president, made a remarkable demonstration at the official tests. The 75-foot aerial ladder was raised in position against a building in just 15 seconds, says a Bridgeport newspaper. The truck is mounted on a gasolene-elecjrically driven tractor manufactured by the American & British Manufacturing Co. of Bridgeport and Providence. The tractor is of the same type as the tractors on the recently installed No. 4 and No. 7 engines, but is larger and more powerful. From the front of the engine hood to the end of the ladders, the apparatus measures 54 feet and 10 inches. The tractor is supplied with a six-cylinder gasolene engine with a rating of 60 horse-power but which will develop…

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