Issue 17 and Volume 61.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Some Costs of Maintenance of Motor-Driven Deep Well Pumps. By M. L. Enger 228 Protecting the Factory from Fire. By Chief William Guerin 225 Seeking Better Insurance. Classification for Small Cities. By C. M. Roos 232 The Relation of the Railroad to the City Water Plant. By C. R. Knowles 228 Four-State Section of American Water Works Association 229 Reserve Firemen. (Editorial) 231 Protect Factories from Fire. (Editorial). 231 Hotel Building Damaged in Los Angeles. (Illustrated) 227 Packing House Fire in Tacoma. (Illustrated) 233 The Fire Service of Superior. 230 The New Britain Water Department 228 The Manila Fire Service 227 Hotel at Dawson Burned. (Illustrated). 226 Fire in Wichita Falls. (Illustrated) 226 A Water Supply Suggestion. (Editorial) 231 Belmont Race Track Fire. (Illustrated) 230 Chief Kenton’s Thirty Years of Service 233 The Richmond Convention 229 Death of Chief H. A. Isermann. 233 Additional Water Supply for…

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