Issue 17 and Volume 61.

METERAGE Water Commissioner George W. Bachelder, of Worcester, Mass., recently received bids for the yearly supply of 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch meters. At a recent meeting of the City Council of Quincy, Mass., the Finance Committee reported an order for $15,000 for meters. The number of additional meters installed in New Britain, Conn., during the past year was 1,480, making a total in service of 5,341, according to the water departments annual report. An easy payment plant for water meters recently went into effect in Spokane, Wash. From now on it will be possible for meterless property to have a meter installed and pay for it at the rate of 40 cents a month. The new plan is the first step in the complete meterization of the city, planned for July 1, 1918. After that date no more unmetered water will be sold in the city and 10 per cent, will,…

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