Issue 18 and Volume 61.

A MANCHURIAN FILTER PLANT The Pittsburgh Filter Manufacturing Company have recently shipped the complete filter equipment for a mechanical filter plant of a capacity of 4,000,000 U. S. gallons of water per day of twenty-four hours to the City of Dairen, Province of Kuantung, Manchuria, for purifying the water supply of this city of some seventy odd thousand people. The city was formerly supplied with a slow sand filter plant with preliminary sedimentation. This is being abandoned and the mechanical filltration plant taking its place, utilizing the sedimentation basin, partly for the coagulating basin and the old slow sand filter bed, having the sand removed to be utilized as a clear well. The water to be purified is a surface water, collected in an impounding reservoir, holding about four and a half million cubic meters of water and having a maximum depth of seventy feet. The catchment area or basin…

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