Issue 18 and Volume 61.

THE AUBURN WATER WORKS SYSTEM Auburn, N. Y., had a total of 8,530 taps on the water system on December 31, 1916, according to the annual report of the water department, of which J. Walter Ackerman is chief engineer and superintendent. The list of meters showed 891 meters in use, and it is thus seen, says the report, that about 10 per cent, of the total number of taps is metered. During the year 595,666,255 gallons of water were recorded by all of the meters, or 24.3 per cent, of the total water pumped. The gross charges for this metered service was $45,608.09, or 42.3 per cent, of the gross water service charges. This is at an average rate of $0.710665 per thousand gallons. This result is subject to a 10 per cent, discount for prompt payment. The total gallons of water pumped for the year was 2,448,819,400, a daily…

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