Issue 19 and Volume 61.

PROTECTING THE FACTORY FROM FIRE (Written Specially for Fire and Water Engineering.) (Continued from page 275) All boilers, furnaces, radiators, heaters, steam pipes, ovens, and similar devices should be protected by metal shields with space to allow the circulation of air between the shield and the wall. They should be set on brick, concrete or earth spaces and never on wood. To fix the distance of heating devices from the wall or ceiling, test with your hand. If the wall or floor feels hot a screen is needed. If there is the slightest doubt regarding the proper protection for these things you had better consult a representative of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Chimneys and Flues—Metal stacks passing though a building should be surrounded by a brick wall with a four-inch space between the stack and the brick. This wall should extend through all floors and out above the…

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