Issue 19 and Volume 61.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS The Ohio State Fire Prevention Association met in Columbus. Ohio. May 1. The Narragansett Pier, R. I., fire department will appoint men for volunteer night patrol duty at the fire station. The new automatic fire alarm whistle blowing machine recently purchased by Union, Pa., has been put in place. The overhead fire alarm wires in Southington, Conn., are being changed to conform to standard pole line construction. Twelve men took the civil service examination for captain of the third grade in the New Haven, Conn., fire department last week. The regular quarterly meeting of the Pawtuxet Valley Veteran Firemen’s Association was held last week at Arctic Centre, R. I. The members of the Providence, R. I., Veteran Firemen’s Association have offered their services to the city during the present national emergency. The bell formerly used by the Westville, Conn., fire department has been purchased by the Whitneyville.…

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