Issue 19 and Volume 61.

FILTRATION The city water of New Castle, Pa., is safe to use for all purposes at the present time, Dr. W. L. Steen, city bacteriologist, recently stated: “Frequent tests made recently, and up-to-date, show the water is safe at the present time.” The new water system of Lewiston, N. Y., that cost $39,000 is now in operation, and a test made of the water after passing through the new filtration plant at the edge of the river, made recently, by D. T. Dignan, Niagara Falls’ city chemist, has resulted in a report that the water is 99 per cent. pure. The Indiana Public Service Company, of Aurora, Ill., which owns the Aurora Water Works, will rebuild its filtration plant in order to increase its capacity to 1,000,000 gallons a day. Work will begin this month.

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