Paper Mill Destroyed Near Ballston Spa

Issue 22 and Volume 61.

Paper Mill Destroyed Near Ballston Spa The Eagle Wrapping Company mill three miles north of Ballston Spa, N. Y., was recently damaged by fire to the extent of $20,000 on property valued at $50,000 and contents, $10,000. The mill is a oneand two-story wooden structure occupying a space 300 by 100 feet and with wooden partition walls. The fire stated from inknown cause in the paper stock room and was discovered by an employee in the early afternoon and he gave the alarm by telephone. Chief Fred J. Rooney found the fire was already far advanced. He placed two hydrant streams on the fire and handled the fire so as to save part of the building. Two hydrants, each about 150 feet apart and with a pressure of 80 pounds, were available and gave good plug streams. Four hundred and fifty-feet of cotton rubber-lined hose was in service and two…

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