Issue 22 and Volume 61.

SPECIAL BUSINESS NEWS FIRE BUSINESS SPECIALS Ashland, O.—Council has authorized a $6,000 bond issue for the purchase of a piece of motor apparatus. Specifications recommended by Fire Committee, consisting of L. M. Mathews, chairman; Chas. L. Clark and J. S. Sattler, provide for a machine to have a motor of 6-cyl., 100-h.p. or more, 750-gal. pump, ana body for 1,200 feet hose. Skancateles, N. Y.—Local firemen favor applying toward fund for the purchase of motor apparatus money which it is intended to spend entertaining a convention this summer. Some have asked that convention be called off. New Braintree, Mass.—Town held a special meeting last week to decide whether or not a chemical engine be bought. Cedar Grove, Wis.—Citizens met at the village hall last Wednesday to decide on the purchase of new fire equipment. Manchester, N. H.—As result of recent large fire, a committee is said to be working with…

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