Issue 22 and Volume 61.

CORRESPONDENCE Chief Should Regulate Speed of Apparatus. To the Editor: I have just read that the National Board of Underwriters at their annual convention in New York on May 24 announced an increase of more than $44,000,000 in the fire loss in the United States in the last year. The report goes on to state that this increase is largely attributable to “The increase in the habitual American carelessness” and to the “Expansion of munitions manufacturing”—but are these the only reasons? I think not. Has not the increased efficiency of the many Fire Protion Bureaus more than offset the growth in “The habitual American carelessness”? I sure think it has. I admit the increase is partly due to “Increased munitions manufacturing” but I believe very much of the increase is due to the many ordinances that have been passed limiting the speed at which fire apparatus may travel and the…

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