Hotel Damaged at Patten

Issue 22 and Volume 61.

Hotel Damaged at Patten The Patten House hotel, located in the southern part of Patten, Me., occupying a space of almost 2 acres, was recently burned. The building is a four-story wooden structure with wooden walls. The fire started in the main part of the first floor from an unknown cause and was discovered in the evening by a citizen. Patten has no regular firemen and the whole village turned out to fight the fire, with Harold E. Boynton in charge. He saw at a glance that the fire was in the partitions and that it would be difficult to extinguish it. The only equipment was a onehand tub. Two fire streams were used and 950 feet of rubber-lined hose were in use. It was necessary to move the hand engine several times as the first well supply lasted an hour and a half, the second ten minutes and then…

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