Issue 22 and Volume 61.

LAYING WATER PIPE It is not our intention to deal with the physical features of ordering, unloading and carting, trenching, belling and caulking, and trench filling, in connection with pipe line construction, but rather to try to handle the subject briefly with respect to its financial aspects, and the moral rightness of methods for obtaining revenue that will justify making the investment. As a rule, the funds for financing water pipe construction, in a municipally-owned plant, are provided by one of three ways. First, by issuing bonds; second, by an appropriation from the general tax funds; and third, by using water department receipts that are in excess of operating, maintenance and depreciation costs. If, upon the completion of the construction of a given section of water main, every piece of property abutting thereon could, and would, become a water consumer and pay water rents, or water taxes, in accordance with…

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