Issue 23 and Volume 61.

THE MANHATTAN, KAN., WATER SYSTEM The supply system of the water works of Manhattan, Kan., of which Bernard L. Ulrich is superintendent, consists of two Layne-Bowler 24inch gravel wells of 60-foot depth located approximately one-half mile east of the pumping station across old Blue river channel; two Layne 24-inch wells of 37-foot depth located in bed of old Blue river channel directly east of the pumping station; six eight-inch Cook points of driven type of 40-foot depth with 14 feet of eight-inch brass strainer, located on west bank of old Blue river channel east of pumping station. Suction and flow lines consist of 3,499 feet, ranging in size from 6-inch to 18-inch. The pumping units are: One Layne patent No. 5-16-inch, two stage, submerged, deep well centrifugal pumps of 1,000 GPM capacity each, driven by 35 horse-power General Electric, vertical three-phase, AC, slip ring type induction motors with remote control;…

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