Southwestern Water Works Association

Issue 23 and Volume 61.

Southwestern Water Works Association The sixth animal convention of the Southwestern Water Works Association which will be held in Topeka, Kan., on June 11 to 14, the Association convening in the Auditorium, is to be opened with an address by Mayor J. E. House, of Topeka. Charles H. Ade, of San Antonio, Tex., is to make the response to the address of welcome, after which the roll will be called and President Jesse Shaw, of Topeka, will deliver his address. Other features of the program for Monday, June 11, are: 11 JO a. m., meeting of the executive committee: report of the secretary and treasurer, E. L. Fulkerson, secretary and generol manager of the Water Company, Waco, Tex.; paper on “The New Filtration Softening Plant for Shreveport, La.,” by John B. Hawley, consulting engineer, Fort Worth, Tex. 4.30 p. m., trolley ride over the city followed by an organ recital…

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