Issue 23 and Volume 61.

PROTECTING THE FACTORY FROM FIRE (Continued from page 332) Exits and Fire Escapes—(Continued). Doors to all exits should open outward—in the direction of safety—or they should be of the sliding variety. Doors should be selfclosing, and of approved fire-proof construction. All windows in doors should be of wired glass. Where it is necessary to prevent such doors being opened from the outside, they should be equipped with panic bolts, which yield to the slightest pressure from the inside, but prevent their being opened from the outside. Pivot or revolving doors should never be used on fire exits. Where exits may be used in cither direction —as, for instance, on a bridge between buildings—doors should swing both ways, so that they can be opened by pushing from either side. Doors at the foot of stairways, etc., should be as wide as the stairway. The safest exits are the horizontal kind—those leading…

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