A Heavy Fire Bill

Issue 23 and Volume 61.

A Heavy Fire Bill In a single year the country’s fire losses have jumped from $170,033,200 to $214,530,995, according to the figures of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. The amount insured has hardly increased sufficiently to account for the growth of the fire loss. Only the greater fire danger incident to war can furnish the explanation. Some of the danger comes of the natural chances taken in the war trades. Fires in and about some descriptions of munition factories are bound to he frequent. That of the Black Tom explosion, caused an insurance loss of some $11,000,090. Shall this damage be ascribed to natural risks of the manufacture and portage of explosives, or to mischief? It is a pretty safe supposition that a great part of the extra losses of $44,500,000 were due to certain plotters. With a prospective further increase in the munition industries, it is likely that…

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