Issue 23 and Volume 61.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Water alforja, is the name given to the new fire fighting apparatus which is carried on a horse’s back and designed for foresters to combat forest fires. The Portland district forester of Oregon is writing to the supervisors in that district, asking them if they can use the contrivance. The apparatus, which, it is stated, was very successful in fighting fires in the Utah forests, consists of two large canvas bags, strapped to a pack saddle and filled with water. A hose connects them jointly with a foot pump operated at a convenient distance from the horse. The stream that is possible to produce is 30 feet long, and a quarter inch in diameter. The 21 gallons of water contained in the alforja is sufficient to extinguish smoldering fires that might otherwise result in serious conflagrations. It can also be used to carry drinking water to…

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