Issue 23 and Volume 61.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS The Paris Mountain Water Company of Greenville, S. C., is to build a reservoir to supply 1,500,000 gallons to that city. A number of members of the city council of Worcester, Mass., have asked to have increased pressure on water service. A bill authorizing the water district of Suffolk County, Long Island, N. Y., to acquire water works has passed both houses of the New York State Legislature. The firm of Morris, Knowles and Company, water engineers of Pittsburgh, Pa., have been engaged to make a survey of the water situation of Hagerstown, N. J. At Fort Atkinson, Wis., a well has been drilled near the city park to a depth of 802 feet and has a flow at the surface of over 300 gallons of water a minute. The water works plant that the Dravo Contracting Company of Portsmouth, Ohio, is building for the W…

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