Issue 23 and Volume 61.

METERAGE The Hersey Meter Company has recently supplied 250 meters to the water department of Hawthorne, N. J. Superintendent Alexander Lindsay, of the water department of Spokane, Wash., recently stated that there had been nearly 600 applications for water meters since the council’s adoption of new rules making metering compulsory by July 1, 1918. The demand has been far ahead of the of the supply. A consignment of 600 new meters is due in the city in June and further consignments of 600 will arrive each month until the 5,000 ordered by the city are there. Under the new 40-cent a month payment plan about 26 months will be required to pay for the gauges. All new service connections of the water system of Salt Lake City, Utah, after July 1st, are to be metered, according to an ordinance recently enacted. Flat-rate service connections in existence at that time are…

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