Issue 23 and Volume 61.

FROM SHORTAGE TO ABUNDANCE. The good results which have been attained by the Thompsonville, Conn., Water Company in eliminating waste of water by the introduction of meters are illustrative of the benefits meterage has given many municipalities and also of what it can do for others that are confronted with the problem of a water consumption in excess of needs. The Thompsonville water property was taken over by its present owners about three years ago, at which time there was considerable complaint on account of inadequacy of pressure, and also a shortage of water. Consumers were forbidden to use hose for sprinkling and the town was obliged to discontinue the sprinkling of streets. The output at the time sometimes ran as high as a million gallons a day! On taking over the property the present owners made a number of improvements,—installed a one-half million gallons elevated reservoir, raised the pressure…

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