Automobile Parking in Rochester

Issue 23 and Volume 61.

Automobile Parking in Rochester Chief Charles Little, of Rochester, N. Y., recently called the attention of Commissioner of Public Safety R. Andrew Hamilton, to the increase in the fire hazard and menace to life in the congested district as a result of the custom of parking automobiles along the curb. “There have been three alarms recently.” Chief Little said, “that have emphasized the danger I have pointed out. With automobiles standing against the curb, some of them so locked that it is impossible to move them, we cannot get the trucks and apparatus near enough to the curb to be of use. If we had a fire on some streets at certain hours of the day we could not get near enough to the curb to do effective work, because of the number of automobiles that stand beside the walk. This condition was made particularly evident at the recent fire…

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