To Meter New York Apartments

Issue 25 and Volume 61.

To Meter New York Apartments Reference has been made in this journal to the proposition to meter apartment houses in the city of New York and the resolution adopted by the Advisory Council of real estate interests said: “That the Commissioner of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity by and hereby is authorized to install, or cause to be installed, water meters in any or all apartment houses having passenger elevators in the city of New York, pursuant to section 475 of the Greater New York Charter, as amended by chapter 602 of the laws of 1916.” Public heatings are now being given by the Board of Aldermen in various sections of the city. This matter has been the subject of continual conferences between members of the council and Commissioner Williams and Deputy Commissioner Wilcox, of the Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, and investigations of the meter system in…

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