Sterilization by Liquid Chlorine and Hypochlorite of Lime

Issue 25 and Volume 61.

Sterilization by Liquid Chlorine and Hypochlorite of Lime In the following comparison in the use of liquid chlorine and hypochlorite of lime, the data applies in particular to one filtration plant, a description of which follows, and in general to other installations where this means of sterilization are in use. The plant was put in operation the latter part of January, 1915. The water supply is taken from a small stream and is at all times subject to contamination by sewerage and waste water from coal mines. The supply is pumped from the stream by two triplex plunger pumps from a low-lift pump house, three-quarters of a mile to the filtration plant. It flows through a weir box, mixing chamber, two coagulating basins, three filter units, and thence to a clear well under the fitter building. From this clear well the water flows to another larger clear well from which…

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