Issue 25 and Volume 61.

METERAGE The water committee of the city council of Taylorville, Ill., recently ordered all flat rate water consumers to install meters. The water board of Watertown, N. Y., is considering plans to reduce the waste of water by the installation of water meters. A local paper says: “Convicted of having conspired to defraud the city of Trenton by changing the water meters in their respective” saloons. Hafel Cohn, Louis Levin and Morris Rudner were each fined $500 and costs by Judge Marshall in Mercer Court. A writ of error was immediately taken to carry the cases to the Supreme Court and the men were released on bail. The men were found guilty of having entered into an agreement with Charles H. Speck, city water meter inspector, to change the gears of the meters so that the full amount of the water running through would not be registered. It was testified…

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