Good Work at a Wheeling Garage Fire

Issue 26 and Volume 61.

Good Work at a Wheeling Garage Fire Surrounded by valuable property such as the City Hall, a large office building and the county jail, with 150 prisoners, and mercantile buildings containing costly goods, it was fortunate that Chief Edward T. Rose, of Wheeling, W. Va., stopped a serious fire that broke out in the Reo garage of that city on the 15th inst. Already the Wheeling Electric Company’s office building and the county jail had taken fire when the firemen arrived, but prompt action saved the structures. It was at 1.53 p. m. that a still alarm, followed by one from box 29, notified the department of the seriousness of the fire and although only two minutes elapsed the garage building was fully involved when the apparatus arrived. The building was 100 feet by 70 feet, two stories high and constructed of wood, twenty years ago. A boy cleaning a…

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