Issue 26 and Volume 61.

FILTRATION The proposition to enlarge the water purification plant has been approved by voters of Akron, O. Madison, Minn., is completing an $8,000 water softening plant in connection with its water supply system. The Board of Water Commissioners of Rahway, N. J., has voted to employ an expert on filtration and chemical analysis of water. R. B. Howell, manager of the Omaha, Neb., water plant, has suggested that the chlorine gas purification process be used at the Riverview swimming pool. The $70,000 filtration plant, built by Menominee, Wis., is in operation. The plant has been in process of construction since last July. It will furnish three million gallons a day to the city of Menominee. A resolution authorizing a bond issue by the water commissioners to raise $75,000 for a filtration plant for Olean, N. Y., has been referred to the water committee of the common council by the board…

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