Chief Moran Fights a Stubborn Fire

Issue 1 and Volume 62.

Chief Moran Fights a Stubborn Fire Recently Hartford, Conn., had a narrow fire when the hay, straw and feed warehouses of Loyden, Northam and Loyden were burned at a loss of about $60,000. This class of risk is always dangerous especially when located near a populous centre and this proved to be the case with this fire which threatened a large grain elevator and a large five-story storage warehouse in the vicinity. Chief J. C. Moran says: “The fire had full control of the two large warehouses and had started in a third building when the apparatus arrived and then two more alarms had to be sent in to meet the threatened spread of the fire. At first it was difficult to reach the rear of the buildings on account of the railroad tracks and moving freight trains, but we got around this difficulty and succeeded in keeping the fire…

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