Issue 6 and Volume 62.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Practical Hydraulics for Firemen. By Fred Shepperd, M.E. (Ilustrated) 94 Responding to Outside Calls and By-Law for Burning of Rubbish. By Chief James Dickson 89 Decadence of Fire Tournaments 89 Louisville Brewery Building Burns 89 Seattle Has Lower Fire Loss 90 Waterbury Has Six Garage Fires. (Illustrated) 91 Coffee Fire in Milwaukee 91 Water Works Statistics 100 St. Louis Has Low Water Rates. 92 Springfield Water Rates 92 Elmira Water Profits Shown in Water Department Audit 92 Call System Abolished in Elizabeth 99 Service Charge—How Constituted. By J. N. Chester 93 Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs 98 Fire Talks in Schools. (Editorial) 97 Fire Protection for Small Communities. (Editorial) 97 Newark’s Answer in Water Diversion Suit._(Editorial) 97

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