Issue 6 and Volume 62.

WATER WORKS PRACTICE The Board of Water Commissioners of Dover, N. J., has a rule governing the repair or changes of service pipes by plumbers, stipulating that an additional shut-off cock be placed near the meter to prevent damage to the meter. Plumbers in the past have been careless and when the water was shut off the back-flow caused serious damage in case the water from the boiler should drain into the meter, warping the delicate mechanism. Some ingenious contractors constructing a cast-iron water pipe line lor the town of Preston, Cuba, bent cast-iron pipe to be used around curves in a canyon in the absence of special bends. Through somebody’s oversight, no bends or sleeves were ordered with the pipe when it was bought, and as it might have taken a month or so to send up and get additional specials, the local engineer decided to bend some of…

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