Decadence of Fire Tournaments

Issue 6 and Volume 62.

Decadence of Fire Tournaments U. S. Phillips, of Chicago Heights, Ill., wrote a paper which was read at the recent Illinois Firemen’s Association meeting in which the following abstract appeared: The present should show the results of the past and the past should furnish the experience to guide the future. The only conclusion which can be reached is that our tournament as now conducted is gradually but irresistibly losing its prestige and will be in time but a memory in the minds of those who once participated. Its passing is as inevitable as the substitution of the horse for the hand-drawn apparatus and the discarding of the horse for the motor apparatus. Interest in it will be artificially stimulated from time to time and in localities where its survival would be the fittest, but the life of it will be insidiously attacked by the gangrene of apathy until it finally…

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