Issue 8 and Volume 62.

METERAGE An ordinance requiring all water consumers to install meters went into effect in Oil City, Pa., on August 15. It is reported that since the installation of meters the water department of Tama, Ia., has gradually worked toward becoming a self-supporting institution. Mayor Swing of West Chester, Pa., has expressed the opinion that all establishments using large quantities of water, such as ice plants, laundries, etc., should install meters and no longer be served by a flat rate. “People who have been in the habit of wasting water and thinking nothing of it are due for a surprise when they get their first statement on a meter basis,” J. H. McGinty, Jr., superintendent of the water works department, of Mansfield, O., said when the semi-annual meter reading started recently. Superintendent McGinty has recommended that consumers who find their meter bills excesive have their plumbing carefully inspected, as a small…

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