Issue 8 and Volume 62.

IMPORTANT RECENT FIRES (Specially Reported for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING) The following are among the important recent fires occurring in various sections of the country, which have been specially reported to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: Costly Conflagration in Refining Plant at Philadelphia Praise was heard on every hand attesting the efficiency of Philadelphia’s fire department after the Point Breeze plant of the American Refining Company in that city was swept by a fire which illuminated the skies for miles around and left the fifteen acres on which the plant had stood a panorama of ruin, representing a financial loss of $400,000. The fire started with an explosion, due, it is reported, to the crossing of electric wires. Almost immediately seven oil tanks were ablaze. Five alarms were sounded in all, the first having been turned in at 11.45 p. m. on the evening of July 25. For thirty subsequent hours…

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