Issue 9 and Volume 62.

RESULTS OF INADEQUATE EQUIPMENT. From the city of Salina, Kan., which has a population of from thirteen to fifteen thousand and is growing rapidly, comes an announcement that Chief R. N. Camp has tendered his resignation as head of the fire department, partly because of the inadequacy of the department’s equipment and partly because he is not able to give the proper attention to fire prevention work on account of the increased plumbing, wiring and building inspections. A brief review of the situation in Salina carries with it the view that it is an illustration of municipal authorities not complying with wise recommendations made by the chief and of not providing an adequately equipped department. The manual force consists of the chief, who is building, wiring and plumbing inspector, one assistant chief and four firemen—six men in all. There are not volunteers or call men. The department has a central…

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