The Little Falls Filtration Plant

Issue 9 and Volume 62.

The Little Falls Filtration Plant Included in a recent report on the water supply of the East Jersey Water Company, by Dr. William A. Green, made at the request of the health department of Paterson, N. J., on an occasion when the prohibition of bathing in the Passaic River in the vicinity of the Little Falls filtration plant was sought is the following description of the East Jersey Company’s filtration system: “At the filtration plant the raw river water is withdrawn through the shore line gate of the intake by gravity at the edge of the river shore about 1,000 feet above the Beatty dam. The water of the river shore at that point is some twenty feet deep and quiet. The distance from this point to the filtration plant is about 2,000 feet. To the raw water as it arrives at the filtration point is added sulphate of alumina—seventeen…

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