Pipe Cleaning Machine

Issue 9 and Volume 62.

Pipe Cleaning Machine A patent relation to a pipe cleaning machine, filed in the United State Patent Office, Washington, D. C., was granted to Burt B. Hodgman, of East Orange, N. J. The invention, Patent No. 1,181,310, is particularly adapted for the purpose of cleaning water mains or water pipes. In the drawings, Figure 1 shows my cleaning device within a pipe line. Figures 2 and 3 represent details of the centering means. Figure 4 shows a modification of a part of Figure 1. In the specifications the inventor says in part: “I have found that by providing cleaning members to be drawn through the pipe by the piston that any matter not removed by the cleaners that pass ahead of the piston will be taken care of by the cleaning members following the piston. I have also found that it is desirable to have the cleaning devices centered in…

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