Blaze in Youngstown Business Block Due to Waste Paper.

Issue 9 and Volume 62.

Blaze in Youngstown Business Block Due to Waste Paper. Responding to an alarm turned in over the Gamewell system at 4.50 in the morning recently, Chief Joseph Wallace of the Youngstown, O., fire department and 45 of his men found the property known as the Howell block, on the northwest corner of the public square of Youngstown, ablaze. Flames were shooting 30 feet into the air from the roof. Two hydrant and three engine streams were directed on the blaze, which burned for two hours. In fighting it the firemen used two Nott engines, 1 Seagrave motor combination chemical and hose car, 1 American-LaFrance motor triple combination, 1 Knox triple, 1 Webb pumper and hose, 1 Seagrave 85-foot truck, 1 Robinson pumper and hose car, 1 Knox chemical and hose car. Chief Wallace expressed great satisfaction with the work done by the American-LaFrance, Webb and Knox motor pumping apparatus. There…

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