Issue 10 and Volume 62.

PRACTICAL HYDRAULICS FOR FIREMEN (Continued from page 145) Single Line Branching into Two or More Lines. For the problem involving a single line of hose branching into two lines, each with a separate nozzle, it is necessary to find the length of a single line having the same friction loss as the two parallel lines, and the size of a single nozzle equivalent to the two lines in question. Equivalent nozzle sizes may be taken from the accompanying table, prepared by the National Board of Fire Underwriters, or may be solved by computing the areas of the nozzles and finding the diameter of a single nozzle which has an equivalent area. The method of using the table is: to find, for example, which size nozzle equals two 11/8-inch nozzles;—on the line marked 2, the size nozzle (15/8) in the column 11/8-inch will be the corresponding size. It is not always…

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