Issue 10 and Volume 62.

CORRESPONDENCES Cities Having Two-Platoon System. To the Editor; Please give use the names of the cities that have adopted the two-platoon system and oblige FIREMAN. Milwaukee, August 28. Following is a list of the cities having the two platoon system in operation; Omaha, Neb.; Kansas City, Mo.; Kansas City, Kan.; Butte, Mont.; Seattle, Wash.; Great Falls, Mont.; Yonkers, N. Y.; Pueblo, Colo.; Berkeley, Cal.; Billings, Mont.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Los Angeles. Cal.; Topeka, Kan.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Paterson, N. J.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Atlantic City, N. J.; Duluth, Minn.; Superior, Wis.; Scranton, Pa.; Anaconda, Mont.; Chicago, Ill.; Newark, N. J.; Hamilton, O.; Helena, Mont.; Hibbing, Minn., and Youngstown, O. The following cities have adopted the system but have not yet put it in operation: Orange N. J.; Bayonne, N. J.; San Francisco, Cal.; Philadelphia, Pa.; St. Paul, Minn.; Everett, Wash., and Lincoln, Neb.

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