Issue 10 and Volume 62.

THE HARTFORD WATER WORKS Past, Present and Future. Previous to 1855 the water supply of Hartford, Conn., was derived from wells and a few small wooden conduits furnishing little water under light pressure During the years 1854-5 a distributing reservoir holding about 8.000,000 gallons was built on the highest land within the then city limits, into which water was pumped from the Connecticut River, something less than one mile distant. The capacity of these works becoming inadeqaute, owing to the growth of the city and increased demands from the consumers and, moreover, the quality of the water being questioned, it was decided by a vote of the citizens, October 3, 1804, to adopt a gravity supply. The source was to be from the eastern slope of a low mountain range west of the city and distant about six miles from its center. It was at that time supposed and asserted…

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