Improvements at Gadsden

Issue 11 and Volume 62.

Improvements at Gadsden Council of Gadsden, Ala., has passed an ordinance to electrify the pumping station of the water works and to contract with the Alabama Power Company for current. The city and the Power Company will sign a ten-year contract. The company is to furnish electric current of the capacity of about 450 kilowatts in the form of approximately 60 cycle, three phase, alternating current at a pressure of approximately 2,000 volts. The charge for such service is agreed upon at 7 1/2 mills per kilowatt hour or ¾ of 1 cent. It is agreed that the minimum charge shall be $150 per month and that the city shall pay $40 per month for each 100 kilowatts over 450. It is stipulated, however, that the company may designate 4 hours in each 24 hours in which no pumping shall be done—except when a fire is raging, there is a…

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