Issue 11 and Volume 62.

METERS MEAN MUNICIPAL PROGRESS. Meters and municipal progress are doubly interwoven because the installation of water meters is in itself an evidence of progressiveness and because when these devices are installed they result in further progress. This is brought forcibly to the fore by current conditions in Minneapolis, Minn., and Green Bay, Wis., both these cities being among those that have made notably substantial gains in the way of lower consumption and stopping of waste by the adoption of meterage. In 1907, there were twenty-three thousand meters in use in Minneapolis. To-day there are more than double that number—58,000. Registrar W. R. Young, of the water works, accounts for this increase by the great development of the city and the conviction of the citizens that convenience is necessary, not luxuries. Less than one per cent, of the dwellings in the city are now getting water on the flat rate, and…

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