Issue 11 and Volume 62.

VALUE OF AUXILIARY FIREBOATS IN NEW YORK. The wisdom of Fire Commissioner Robert Adamson, of New York City, in organizing an auxiliary fleet of fireboats for service along the waterfront and in the harbor, and the success attending the operation of this plan was effectively demonstrated at the recent steamship and pier fire at the foot of Congress street, Brooklyn, New York City. At this lire, two steamships, the “Baron Jedburgh” and the “Christian Bor,” and numerous lighters, barges and small boats in the vicinity of two piers were on fire at the one time, and the fire was rendered all the more dangerous because of the presence on one of the piers of a large quantity of tallow, which not only burned fiercely but which melted and ran into the water where it still burned, carrying streams of flame in dangerous proximity to ships and piers. Not only were…

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