Issue 11 and Volume 62.

METERAGE Twelve hundred meters are to be installed by the water department of Fairmount. W. Va. Reeves J. Newsom, superintendent of water works of Lynn, Mass., is preparing to purchase 7,000 meters to complete the abolishment of the flat rate in Lynn. The installation of meters, says a report on the city of Little Rock, Ark., issued by the Committee on Fire Prevention of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, is optional with consumers. About sixty per cent, of the services are metered, including all larger consumers, but not fire service connections. Systematic inspections are made to prevent waste and unnecessary use of water. A pitometer survey of the whole water system was made during 1913 and leakage of 123,000 gallons per day stopped. The report gives the number of services on April 28, 1917, as 8,692, and the number of meters as 5,497.

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