Issue 11 and Volume 62.

PRACTICAL HYDRAULICS FOR FIREMEN (Continued from page 194.) FIRE STREAMS. The quality of fire stream depends directly upon the pressure at the nozzle and the form of nozzle used. By good fire streams are meant streams which carry the calculated distance retaining to a reasonable extent their solidity and without excessive spray. Costly experience has shown that in serious fires a small stream is evaporated as it falls in spray through the flames, while, if a large stream is thrown, enough may escape the evaporation to pass through the heated gases and reach the burning coals themselves. John R. Freeman, C. E., after exhaustive tests on streams from nozzles, set forth the following specifications for a good fire stream, which, up to the present, have been considered as outlining fairly the requisites of such a stream. A stream which at limit named has not lost continuity of stream by breaking…

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