Large Saving Effected’by Meterage In Minneapolis

Issue 11 and Volume 62.

Large Saving Effected’by Meterage In Minneapolis In 1907 there were 23,000 water meters in use in Minneapolis, Minn. To-day there are 58,000 water meters measuring the supply drawn by individual consumers. In explaining this rapid increase in numbers, W. R. Young, registrar of the Minneapolis Water Works, said recently: “The marvelous development of the city and the conviction of the citizens that convenience is necessary, not luxuries, account for the increase. The metering of services is the only fair and equitable way. Twenty years ago the city used to furnish water to private homes at a flat rate, with a minimum charge of $8 a year. Then we began to install meters and the minimum charge was reduced to $4. Now less than one per cent, of the dwellings in the city get water on the flat rate. In some cities where the flat rate is still effective the daily…

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