Fire Extinguishing Device

Issue 11 and Volume 62.

Fire Extinguishing Device A patent for a fire extinguishing device, filed in the United States Patent Office, Washington, D. C., has been granted to John Stewart Thomson, of Little Falls Township, N. J. It is numbered 1,233,290 and the specifications state the invention relates particularly to a fire extinguishing device employing an extinguishing fluid adapted to be forcibly ejected from a container at a point exterior to thereto through a nozzle normally positioned therein, and to means for instantaneously placing the contained fluid under pressure, and means for releasing said pressure either manually or automatically upon a predetermined rise in temperature. In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents a sectional elevation of an automatically operated fire extinguisher embodying the invention and Figure 2 is a sectional view taken at right angles to the plane of Figure 1, showing the extinguisher in operation. The inventor’s claims in part are as follows:…

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