Door Plant at Tacoma Damaged

Issue 13 and Volume 62.

Door Plant at Tacoma Damaged So great was the speed with which a recent fire in the factory of the Tacoma Fir Door Company, Tacoma, Wash., spread that workmen on the premises, after discovering the flames, were unable to connect up hose with interior apparatus and make an attempt to fight the blaze. When the first apparatus reached the scene, in response to an alarm rung in at 3:17 p. m., the fire had spread to all parts of the plant, the destruction of which then seemed inevitable. The fire originated in the sash and door department, presumably from flames blown through the plant by air currents from hot boxes. Chief C. E. Carlson and 45 men efficiently fought the resulting blaze persistently for seven hours. They utilized one 1,000-gallon Gorham Seagrave pumping engine, one 1,000-gallon American-La France pumping engine, two Metropolitan steamers, 1st and 2nd size, two Seagrave hose…

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